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Grow Studio LLC, established in 2009, is a landscape architecture firm located in Boulder, Colorado providing site and landscape design services for public and private clients. Our purpose is to create unique, inspiring places that last a lifetime. Our goal is for each place to be beautiful, contextual, and improve the lives of people who use it. We believe design is an opportunity to enable people by creating places to learn, play and grow.

Our design experience is extensive, ranging from custom courtyards to 1,800 acre masterplans along the front range, mountain west, and overseas. Our foundations in landscape architecture began in the field, long before we ever saw the drawing board. A diverse experiences give us a unique perspective, because we have lived with landscapes, rather than only seeing them only from the drawing board. As a result, we design with the purpose of creating landscapes that will last, that will be well-used, and well loved.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in seeing projects through from conception to completion and our office structure makes certain there is someone with a vested interest drawing the smallest details and providing critical review. As a result, we deliver an exceptional level of quality and deliver projects on time and under budget.

Our process is collaborative and we work closely with clients, consultants and contractors from developing initial concepts to solving problems in the field. Every project requires the cooperation and coordination of multiple parties to be successful, and we view our role as facilitators of ideas to elevate the success of your project and help turn your vision into a reality.

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